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Baby Name Religion/ Region/ Language Gender Meaning
Gaye English G Light-hearted and merry (Gay)
Georgina English G A feminine form of George (farmer, earth worker). Short Form: Ina. (JOR-JEE-NAH)
Gerald Teutonic B Spear power, Firm, Unemotional, Sometimes merciless, A worshipper of truth.
Gertrude Teutonic G Spear maid, Just, Spirited, Affectionate. (Trudi, Trudy)
Gibidh Gaelic B Famous pledge; a Gaelic form of Gibby, which is a pet form of Gilbert (famous pledge), a name introduced by the Normans. (GIH-BEE)
Gilbert Teutonic B Bright pledge, Brilliant, Powerful, Active,
Gilleabart Gaelic B Famous pledge; a Gaelic form of Gilbert. Pet Name: Gibidh. (GIL-BERT)
Gladstone English B Surname derived from a name of a place composed of the Old English elements glaed (kite) and stan (rock, stone). (GLAD-STONE)
Godfrey Teutonic B God's peace, Other forms are Geoffery, Jeffrey, Idealistic, Retiring, Sincere.
Gordon English B The hill shaped like a pyramid (Gorden, Gordy)
Graham English B A surname originating from a place called Grantham in Lincolnshire. The first element is uncertain, but the second is from the Old English ham (home, dwelling, manor). Variations: Graeme, Grahame. (GRAY-AM)
Gregory English B Vigilant, a watchman
Griogair Gaelic B Vigilant, a watchman; a Gaelic form of Gregory. Anglicization: Gregor. Variations: Griogal. Short Names: Grieg. (GREE-GER)

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