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Baby Name Religion/ Region/ Language Gender Meaning
Magaidh Gaelic G A pearl; a Gaelic form of Maggie (pet of Margaret). (MAG-EE)
Maggie English G A peral; A pet form of Margaret. Maggie is also used as an independent given name. (MAG-EE)
Malcolmina English G A servant of St. Columba; a feminine form of Malcolm. Variation: Malina. (MAL-KO-MEE-NAH)
Mandy English G Worthy of love; familiar form of Amanda (Manda, Melinda)
Manipi American B A walking wonder
Manus Gaelic B Great; a Gaelic form of the Latin Magnus. (MAN-us)
Margaret English G A pearl; derived from the Greek margantes, which is derived from margaron (a pearl). (MAR-GAH-RET)
Margery English G A pearl; a variant form of Margaret. (MAR-JER-REE)
Marieke English G Marie-ka is a song about a river in Holland (By Judy Collins) Origin: Dutch
Marigold English G From the plant, Easy-going, Selfish, Attractive.
Martainn Gaelic B War-like; a Gaelic form of Martin. (MAHR-TANE)
Martin English B War-like; from the Latin Martinus, a derivative of Mars, the name of the Roman mythological god of war.
Mary English G Sea of bitterness, rebellion, "wished for child", "lady of the sea"; an Anglicized form of Hebrew Maria, which is derived from the Hebrew Miryam.(MARE-EE)
Mata Gaelic B Gift of God; a Gaelic form of Matthew. (MA-TA)
Matthew English B Gift of God. Evolution of the Middle English Matheu, which is derived from Hebrew Matityah (gift of God). The name is borne in the Bible by one of the four evangelists, the author of the first Gospel. Short Form: Matt. (MATH-YOO)
Mattison English B the same as madison, but could be named after a father named Matthew. Contemporary
Maura Celtic G Great or "dark skinned". A name perhaps derived from mohr (great). Alternatively, Maura is a feminine form of the Latin Maurus (dark-skinned), which is derived from the Greek mauritius (of Moorish lineage). (MOR-RAH)
Mavis Celtic G The thrush; a bird native to the British Isles
Melizabeth English G Meaning uncertain (combination of Melissa and Elizabeth?) Unusual
Metikla American B Reaching a hand under water to catch a white sucker fish
Micheil Gaelic B Who is like God. a Gaelic form of Michael. (MI-KEL)
Millicent Teutonic G Work strength, Wise, Calm, Amiable, Affectionate nature, Seldom passionate.
Minnie Teutonic G Love, Nonchalant, Amusing, Versatile, Pays great attention to her appearance.
Moira Celtic G Soft, Elegant, Composed, Amorous, Cultured intellect and great sense of humour.
Muireadhach Gaelic B Marier, seaman; a Compound name composed of the Gaelic elements muir (sea) and adhach (happy, fortunate, lucky). (MYOOR-DAHK)
Murchadh Celtic B Derived from the obsolete Celtic Moricatu-s, a compound name composed from the elements mor (sea) and cath (warrior, war). Murchadh is a popular name and is Anglicized as Murphy in Scotland and Murrough in Ireland. Var: Muireach. (MUR-A
Murphy English B Sea warrior; an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Murchadh. (MUR-FEE)

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