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Baby Name Religion/ Region/ Language Gender Meaning
Raghnall Gaelic B Gaelic name derived from the Scandinavian Rognvaldr (powerful judgment), a compound name composed from the Old Norse elements regin (advice, decision, judgment) and valdr (ruler, power, might). The name was also derived from the Germanic Raganald
Raini American B A god who created a world
Randall English B Strong shield; another form of Randolph. Origin: Anglo Saxon
Randolph Teutonic B House-wolf, Other forms are Rafe, Ralph, Arrogant, Humorous, Domineering.
Raonaid Gaelic G A Gaelic form of Rachel (ewe). (RAH-NAH)
Raonull Gaelic B Gaelic name derived from Rognvaldr, a compound name, introduced by Scandinavian settlers, composed from the Old Norse elements regin, rogn (ad- vice, judgment, decision) and valdr (ruler, power). The name is Anglicized as Ranald and Ronald. (RAHN-UL
Reading English B Son of the auburn wanderer (Redding, Reeding)
Reginald Teutonic B Powerful judgement, Another form is Ronald, Discreet, Discerning, Imaginative.
Richard English B A borrowing from the Old French, Richard is derived from the Old High German Richart, a compound name composed from the elements ric, rik (power, ruler) and hard (strong, brave, hearty). Short Forms: Rich, Rick. Pet Names: Richie
Robert Teutonic B Bright fame, other forms are Robin, Rupert, Loquacious, Successful, Susceptible.
Roderick English B Famous ruler; From the Middle Latin Rodericus, which is derived from the Old High German Hrodrich, a compound name composed from the elements hruod (fame) and rik (ruler, king). Pet Name: Roddy. (RAH-DEH-RIK)
Rodolph Teutonic B Wolf of fame, Another form is Rudolph, Insincere, Worldly, Spoilt, Extravagant.
Rory English B Red; an Irish form of the Gaelic Ruairidh and Ruairi, names derived from rua (red, ruddy). (ROR-REE)
Rosalind Teutonic G Beautiful serpent, Confiding, Affectionate, Idealistic.
Ross English B Dweller on the promontory or peninsula; a surname derived from the Gaelic ros (a promontory or peninsula). The name is also used as a nickname for a person with red hair as derived from the Middle English rous(e) (red, rust-colored). (ROSS)
Ruiseart Gaelic B Brave ruler; a form of Richard (brave ruler). (ROO-ISH-ART)

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