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Baby Name Religion/ Region/ Language Gender Meaning
Waail Islamic B One who reverts back to God
Waban American B The east wind
Wachinksapa American B Wise
Wachintonka American B Patient
Wachiwi Nativeamerican G Dancing girl
Wade English B The river crossing (Wadsworth, wadell)
Wahab Hindu B Large hearted
Waheed Hindu B Handsome
Wahib Islamic B Donor
Wahid Islamic B The one.
Wahkan American B Sacred
Wahkoowah American B Charging
Waitilanni Nativeamerican G Wonder water
Wajih Islamic B Distinguished
Wakana Japanese G Plant name
Wakanda Nativeamerican G Inner magical power
Wakiza American B Desperate fighter
Walcott English B Cottage near the river banks (Walcot, welcott)
Walden English B Woods (wally, waiter)
Waldo English B Ruler (Waldrun, Waldemar)
Walid Islamic B Newborn
Walker English B One that walks, especially a contestant in a footrace.
Wallace English B Healthy, powerful, blundering, often impulsive. (Wallis, Walsh)
Waller English B Wall maker
Wallis English G From Eales. Feminine form of Wallace ( Wallie, Wally) Origin: Old English
Walta African G Shield
Walter Teutonic B Powerful warrior, Intellectual, Introspective, Ambitious, Conservative in his tastes.
Walter Scottish B Ruler of an army; Short Forms: Walt. Pet Name: Wally. (WAHL-TER)
Walter German B Powerful ruler
Walter English B Ruler of an army; Short Forms: Walt. Pet Name: Wally. (WAHL-TER)
Walton English B Reinforced village
Wamblee American B Eagle
Wambleeska American B White eagle
Wambli-Waste American B Good eagle
Wanageeska American B White spirit
Wanahton American B Charger
Wanda English G The wanderer (Vanda, Wendy, Wandie, Wandis, Wenda, Wendeline, Wendi, Wendie, Wendye )
Waneta Nativeamerican G The charger
Wanikiya American B Savior
Wapi American B Lucky
Ward English B Guardian (Worden)
Warner Germany B Determined defender
Warren Germany B Protective friend;
Warren Teutonic B Game warden (Waring, Warner)
Wasaki African G The Enemy
Washburn English B Overflowing river
Washington English B Place near the water
Wasim Islamic B Handsome, good-looking
Wasula Nativeamerican G Stormy
Wauna Nativeamerican G Snow geese calling as they fly
Waverly English G Grove of aspen trees
Wayland English B Near the footpath
Wayne Teutonic B Wagonmaker (Wain, Waine, Dwayne, Duane)
Weayaya American B Setting sun
Webster English B Weaver (Webb)
Weeko Nativeamerican G Pretty girl
Wehinahpay American B Rising sun
Weldon English B Hill with the well (Welden, Welldon)
Wendell English B He who lives in the pleasant valley (Wen, Wendel, Del)
Wendy English G Wanderer; a familiar form of Gwendolyn and Wanda. (Wendeline, Wendi, Wendie, Windy)
Wenona Nativeamerican G Firstborn daughter
Wentworth English B White man's village
Wenutu American B Sky clearing after being cloudy
Wesley English U From the western meadow. (Wellesley, Wes, Wesly) Origin: Old English
Westbrook English B Brook in the west (Brook, Brooks, Wesbrook, West)
Weston English B Town in the west (Westen, Westin)
Wheatley English B Fields of wheat (Wheatleigh, Wheatly)
Wheeler English B Wheel maker
Whitney English G From the white island, from fair water. (White) Origin: Old English
Whittaker English B White field
Wicapi Wakn Nativeamerican G Holy star
Wicasa American B Man
Wichado American B Willing
Wihakayada Nativeamerican G Youngest daughter,Little one
Wihunahe Nativeamerican G Chief woman

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